Inducted into The Museum of Television And Radio!! Nominated for Two PIXIE Awards. Seen at the New York Independant Film And Video Festival

Listen to the title song '"Rebel Without A Claus" nnnThe script for "Rebel Without A Claus" is represented by SMA, LLC Talent and Literary Agency,
Sara Margoshes
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Logline for script: An edgy and offbeat "tail" of adventure, in which love takes a detour as a misguided Blues-singing reindeer takes to the road in quest of his musical destiny while manager Phil MyPockets unfolds a sinister plan. Meanwhile, “Big Red” tails him in hot pursuit, for his stolen sleigh, along with The Roadkill Warriors gang who want his valuable hide. 3D or 2D CGI animation.

n"Take My Antlers, Please" the prequelnnnnSStudio Photon cScreen Shots n SRebel Without A Claus Music Video nSTo return to Flash site close window
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